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December 30, 2011
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LH: Jihu by chaoticpeace1 LH: Jihu by chaoticpeace1
Application for :iconlove-hotel:

For full view of the tattoo: [link]


Name: Jihu Takahashi (Ore-sama)

Age: 23

Height: 5’9”

Nationality: Japanese/Korean

Tenant Position: Sadist

Specialty: Bondage, Asphyxia, knife and gun play

:bulletwhite:Quiet places
:bulletred:Sexy time

:bulletblack:Loud people
:bulletblack:Being disturbed
:bulletblack:Things being out of order
:bulletblack:Things MISSING


Jihu is a politely, friendly, pleasant young man who seems to want to honestly get to know you. He get protective of his friends and is willing to help out in any situation. If a good friend is hurt, he’ll help them anyway possible. He enjoys drawing and reading and holding a conversation with you. There are two situations where you’ll meet his switch personality though, in a fight and in the bedroom. It is still Jihu, he just takes off the restraints of being polite and friendly and actually giving a damn about what people think. In these situations, Jihu quickly become arrogant and cruel, calling himself Ore-sama. His loves his knives and weapons, his training from the yakuza shining through here. While he is a sadist, there are some masochist tendencies he shows with people obviously above his station. Also, depending on the situation, Jihu will be bottom or top, enjoying both greatly.


Jihu is the son of a Yakuza “interrogator” and a Korean born brothel madam. Jihu grew up under his father’s tutelage and was the going to be the interrogator under the young head’s orders. His father taught him how to best us a gun, knife and other objects to bring the most amount of pain to someone to extract information. Jihu’s mother taught him the art of getting information in a different manner.

Nothing went as according to plan. Jihu fell in love with the young head’s best friend and right hand, a young man about his age. The right hand was also the son of the man who did all the tattoos for the clan and was being trained in the art of tattoos as well as advising. The lust between them was high and they often found themselves in bed together, enjoy each other’s company. Often after sex or while just spending time together, Jihu’s partner worked on a large tattoo covering Jihu’s back and arms. They often joked that they would leave the family the day that the tattoo was finished.

Sadly, though, the young head found out and –either out of jealousy, disgust or misunderstanding – got his father to send the right hand on an impossible job, and it ended with the lover’s death. Jihu’s father, who was unfortunately dangerously homophobic, was told about everything and threw his son to the streets with a near fatal cut going down his face and neck to his collar bone. Jihu’s mother pitied him and secretly financed someone to nurse him back to health. Between the deadly violence of his father’s, the effect of his love in his lover’s fate and his mother’s tender love, Jihu formed a switch in his mind during his healing and formed his split personality/tsundere attitude.

The one who nursed him didn’t mind Jihu’s sexuality and, knowing he had no place to turn to, gave him some money and told him about some different places that could help him out. Somewhere along the lines of his travels, Jihu found the Lanua Peccati and was drawn to it, thinking maybe it was a place to stay.

Additional Information:

Will never allow his tattoo to be finished, seeing it as a way to honor the length of the relationship with his late lover

Will not sleep with friends if he knows they are in a relationship. Hates to see people cheating on they're others. Will only if both partners actually invite him to share or he REALLY hates the other's partner and thinks the relationship is all wrong.

Has horrible sense of direction, been in the hotel long enough to know how to move around on the grounds and in the building. Still uses GPS on phone to get to work.

Got a job bar-tending after things with Clover to keep himself occupied. With things mostly smoothed over, still works there for the tips and the fun.

Since has horrible sense of direction, never learned to drive. Wants to - and wants a motorcycle - but doubts will ever get a chance to learn.
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cheezkake1129 Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
His tattoo is bad ass.
And his lover thing, so sad D:
thank you on both ~<3
cheezkake1129 Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol. <3
Sexy~ I also really like the development of his back story.

I hear that we're partners for this round!
cool! looking forward to rping with you
if u want to msn rp to get them to know each other, feel free.
Tea-why Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHMY ;A; he is very sexy <3
Peka-Kaniele Jan 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I likes him ouo I hope we can rp sometime
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