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February 28, 2013
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TCA: Kiyoshi by chaoticpeace1 TCA: Kiyoshi by chaoticpeace1

Physical Portion

Name: Kiyoshi Yanagita

Gender: Male

Age/DOB: 17, July 7th (20XX-16)

Height/Weight: 6’4” (193 cm) / 165 lb (75 kg)

Species: Half-demon (Son of a kistune tsukai ([link]) and a pipe-fox)

Blood Type: AB

Hair Colour/Eye Colour: Blonde/white hair, (long to butt) / light blue eyes, vertical slit when ear seals not in place

Body Build: Lanky lanky lanky


Perfect memory/recall: Kiyoshi will memorize anything he reads, hears, experiences, etc with perfection and will give details to the color of the shoes you were wearing

Purple foxfire: Small baseball sized fireballs, light purple in color, throws them with surprising accuracy


Can’t break his concentration: can be dangerous, as once he’s focused on absorbing details from a book or anything, you need to physically move him to get him to break focus. Though he does heard you, he won’t focus on you

General Half Demon weakness: holy water, a fatal verse, etc.

Easily Swayed by the opportunity for information and his loyalty goes to the one with the biggest library

Seal woven into his tail ending with a cuff at it’s base, created by his mother, keeps him under control.

Additional seal that he acquired upon arrival at True Cross - a piercing through his right ear lobe - hides some of his more glaring demon traits (ears, vertically slit eyes)

Personal Portion


Bookworm: Not only loves to books, constantly has his nose in books. And CONSTANTLY.... learning everything he can as fast as he can, seeing every second that there’s not a book in hand as a moment wasted, Kiyoshi is slowly working his way through the library... and by slowly... well... *shrug*

Awkward/Cold: Having lived with a mother that really didn’t love him and kept him at arms lenght, Kiyoshi does not do well when it come to people and tends to imitate what his mother did when he wanted something: ignore them and come off cold.

Anti-social/Hides in library: People frankly intimidate Kiyoshi and he far prefers hiding out in the library or his dorm with a pile of books stacked around him. Being so focused on something that he’s reading, he won’t hear anyone around him and he’ll come off as ignoring them instead of seriously his ears not connecting to his brain to realize they were actually speaking to him.

Know it all: With perfect recall... well... *shrug* he really does know a lot. If he doesn’t know it, Kiyoshi will so book diving until he’s found the answer to the question.

Untrusting but wants to trust someone: Between being raised by basically a con artist of a mother and having kistune blood in him, Kiyoshi doesn’t trust you any further then he could throw you, which isn’t very far. But having been held at arm’s length for so long, he wants someone to trust and enjoy being around.

A little naive when it come to people socially: With all the reading he does, Kiyoshi knows the basics of chess and what a cliche is, but if you dropped him on someone’s giant chess board, he’d probably walk right into their trap or misunderstand a social interaction, as he hasn’t been able to experience this. He’s a fast learner though, so never expect to get him twice with the same trick or even twice at all, he’ll be onto you from that point on.


This story starts of with the runaway miko middle daughter from a shrine in Kashiwazaki and a small bamboo tube that she hid in her sleeve, stole from the sealed up attic inside the shrine. You see, this middle daughter wasn’t the smart eldest daughter that was going to become the beautiful shrine maiden. Nor was she the youngest daughter who was praised for her beauty. She was greedy and wanted everything, starting with the knowledge and money. Hearing the whispers from her family, she stole the tube from her family and ran into the night to claim her fame for only a little bit of food given to this kuda-gitsune (tube fox) in her hands.

She underestimated the greed of the fox though, as is outweighed her own. Instead of settling for food and daily care for the information and magic he was able to provide her, the little trickster wanted her instead. Bidding his time, he wove illusions around her until it was impossible to escape his grasp and possessed the girl in every way possible. On the eve of the fox festival, he took what was most precious to her and created exactly what he wanted.

9 months later, to the bitter kitsune tsukai Kiyoshi was born, near silent but obvious what he was, a curse on her and a sign of what her sins, why she would never be able to return home to the shrine and her sisters. As he grew, he grew curious, sticking his nose into anything and everything he could find. Kiyoshi absorbed himself into books instead of helping his mother with her games, the information gather and tricking that she’d been turned to to make way for them both. He managed to get enough of an education through the books he picked out of the bins from the various libraries and the nice inn ladies that thought he was cute when they stopped at a formal inn.

Eventually, when he was about 8, he heard his mother shouting at his father, having grown up knowing he was an abomination with a tail and other strange features. Kiyoshi knew he shouldn’t peak in at the fight up he did anyway before blacking out. When he awoke, he was soaked with water and covered in odd burns and over him stood a glaring mother. After that point, he was always held at arms length from her, losing what little love he got. Somewhere deep inside him, Kiyoshi had known that it was his father’s fault and his stomach churned at the thought of the demon.

It took 9 years for them to find their way to True Cross Town. Kiyoshi took to standing outside the academy’s gate, dreaming of being able to find his way into the school’s library some way or another but his horrible clothes would give him away as someone not a student instantly. When he asked his mother about enrolling, she snarked at his suggested and told him he had a better chance begging the headmistress and her deputy headmaster then her paying for an abomination’s education. So, that’s what he did....

+peace and quiet
+Properly taught lessons by good teachers
+something he didn’t know

-something he didn’t know
-Having to teach himself
-Tiny libraries
-Loud brash idiots

Additional Information:
~Has a few small folklore books he kept from the garages
~A few scars didn’t disappear from the burns, mostly on his shoulders and chest
~FLUFFY tail that he hides in his pants, wears a size too big to do so (so NEVER skinny jeans)
~Wants to learn how to use a gun out of curiosity
~Dislikes being called "Kiyo" or some other nickname for reasons he refuses to explain.

Academic Portion


Aria Major
Doctor Minor

None at the moment




RP Mediums:
Skype, (note me or catch me in chatroom), group chat, personal chat, note, in that order.

Wingl3ssGuardian Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooh~ OuO He's awesome! I love Kitsunes! <3

:iconchallengeacceptedplz: Aliah and him will be friends!
DrawingFoxxer Mar 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Noah and him are gonna be besties -dies-
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