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Full Body Reference

Name: Jamshid "Jam" Davis
D.I.D. Name: Thomas "Tom"
D.O.B.: 24 May 2010
Nationality: UK, Great Britain, England, Manchester
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation/Job: Biomedical Engineer for a company's R&D sector. Specialized in neural interfacing research

Level: ???
Moderator.Postion: Specialist



A charming young man, Jamshid always reported for his lessons and studies. He gets along with everyone for the most part but can be rather cold and calculating when it comes to work and going against someone. A born strategist, Jam can come up with a plan for any situation so he or who he wants comes out on top. The thinker in most cases and prefers not to get involved in a physical brawl.


Violent and angry, Thomas is the one with no mercy and come out at the first suggestion of a fight is going to occur and Jam can't talk them out of it. Protective of his "brother", he will not let up once he has his target and often returns with blood on his hands from someone that angered him. He get twitchy when he doesn't have a blade of some sort on hand to play with.



+ Technology
+ A fun riddle
+ Sweets
+ A piece of technology to work on
- Tom's violent idiocy
- Blood Stains
- Hot sauce and other spicy Spanish foods


+ Knives
+ Violence
+ Spicy food
+ Blood
- Jamshid's controlling nature
- Having to think
- Chocolate


Born to a rather normal looking family, Jam grew up happy and healthy. Between the three person family, his father an engineer and his mother an accountant, the young boy was well educated and sent to a private elementary school and then middle school. Living close enough, he traveled home every weekend to send with his parents. The teachers were always charmed by his forthcoming and brightness and happy that he was always willing to help with things. They were rather concerned though when he seemed lonely and occasionally bullied for his intelligence and his oddly shaded eyes. Jam always seemed to be playing alone, though said that he had a friend that was always there with him. The adults around him decided it was just a phase that he would grow up from.

During a lesson in biology in his middle school years, Jamshid went to his mother, asking about his birth and if he could see the ultrasounds. They were talking about genetics in school and he was curious, like normal. So she produced the pictures, now having to explain why there were two fetuses at first. It came out that Jam was supposed to be a fraternal twin before the second fetus died and it's DNA had been absorbed into him, explaining the now young man's odd eyes. Jam merely smiled when he was told that the twin died and told his mother, "Thomas didn't die, Mother~ He always played with me~" before running off to work on homework, leaving his stunned mother behind. Jamshid's parents, now worried, debated sending their son to therapy, thinking this to be some horrible mental illness and it explained why their boy never seemed to have a friend. But before they could act, everything suddenly seemed to become normal and it was forgotten. In truth, Jamshid heard their whispers and spoke with "Thomas" in secret, deciding to act normal for them. High school graduation came and Jamshid went off to university with scholarships and honors. He received his degree on time and went right into the working world, eventually growing up and refused to listen to the yelling voice in his head, his childhood friend and twin. Eventually, everything went silent in his head and Jam thought he was now normal, like everyone else...

Then debt started climbing and violent blackouts occurred. Jam couldn't remember what happened every night. His parents because disgusted with his actions, not believing when he swore it wasn't him doing it, that someone else was messing with his body. They didn't think it could be connected to his imaginary twin from youth. But it was. By the time someone had helped Jamshid figure out that he officially had Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.), it was too late. He had lost so much money to fighting, paying to repair his body and debt. His boss was threatening to fire him if he didn't clean his act up and he couldn't keep a steady relationship with friends or lover. When all hope was lost, the coupon appeared and before he knew what was happening, he was signed up, quit his job and on his way to S-P-I-E-L. It took two blacked out Cubes to figure out how to control his other who ally's were calling "Thomas" and he figured out a way to communicate with himself - a mix between a notebook that's often also has Jam's diagrams in it and Tom's messy comments about each one and a voice recorder that he fixed to his ear and neck so Tom couldn't throw it away on him.

When the alpha version of S-P-I-E-L was over and the game.master asked for him to stay. Jamshid knew that he had nothing really to return to, his parents probably thought he was dead now and he doubted he could get hired anywhere. Thomas, though, forced his way forward and said yes in a second, eager to continue fighting. Jam sighed and didn't argue with his twin, fine with this. At least he didn't have to worry about pretending to be normal anymore... right?


~Working with Thomas on speaking through the mind again, like when they were young. Harder for them now, though, and distracts them when in a fight or when trying to focus on something
~Jamshid is left handed while Thomas is right handed
~Hetrochomia of the eyes
~Jamshid often hides Thomas's pocket knives as punishment
~During one of their final fights, Thomas's opponent destroyed their left leg. Jamshid designed and built the prosthesis to replace it
~Jamshid will occassionally act like Thomas to trick people, Thomas tries to do the same but fails horribly at it
~They both like walking around barefoot for some reason

Wisperette Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
OMFG Jam and Tom are so awesome! Seriously, I just love his character design eve
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